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ProDryers has had some tremendous years of growth since inception. We have since become a well trusted brand in the restroom supply industry and we have hit many goals. Two of our most memorable milestones are making the INC 500 / 5000 list as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. with 8.2 million in 2013 sales with a 667% 3 year growth rate, and our most recent 2014 growth of 9.2 million in sales. To start off 2015, our ambitions for growth have not changed. One of our largest tasks is the addition of SLOAN to our ever-expanding product line.

We still specialize in hand dryer sales (and always will), but with many thousands of restroom accessories and equipment already added to our shopping experience, SLOAN was an excellent choice to offer our loyal customer base. ProDryers has become one of the largest restroom accessory suppliers in the United States. SLOAN is the most reputable manufacturer of flushometers, faucets, sinks, toilets, urinals, and more. We have access to over 10,000 SLOAN products. We have limited items in stock for fast same day shipping while we grow with SLOAN, but we can still ship directly from the manufacturer normally in 2-10 business days. We have a direct relationship with SLOAN. We buy direct and receive the best possible prices. In turn, we can offer our loyal customers extremely competitive pricing, often the lowest found anywhere. Call us at 888-503-7937 to buy any SLOAN product or shop online. We are expanding our online SLOAN shopping experience fast. To shop online, visit the ProDryers SLOAN shopping experience now.

Check out some of our most popular products like our flush valves, automatic sensor operated faucets and more.

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More About Category Five Technologies, INC.

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are interested in one of our niche market ecommerce specialty sites.  ProDryers, ProDrinkingFountains, ProFloorMachines, and MRDIndustrial are just a few of our shopping experiences.  We have a team of compassionate customer care professionals that handle all of our order processing and customer service under one company.  Although each shopping experience is unique and distinct to a specific market, everything is handled by the same company; Category Five Technologies, INC..

Hand Dryers and Over 2500 Restroom Products

Hand Dryers and Over 2500 Restroom Products

It all started with, where we have become a master distributor of hand dryers for commercial restrooms offering only the best of brands such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the Dyson Airblade and more along with over 2500 restroom products.  Some of our top selling hand dryers include the following:

Although we offer much more (many hundreds of hand dryers and other products), it’s difficult to mention much more in this article.  We source these hand dryers (and much more) direct from the manufacturers in bulk enabling us to offer the absolute best price found anywhere in addition to fast free shipping.  We simply cannot be beat on the above products.  The above products are superior built, long lasting, durable and reliable products.  We have a long enough history to identify the above as 2 of our top manufacturers when it comes to quality.

Our second store was designed around 2007; ProDrinkingFountains.  We offer top quality drinking fountains such as Elkay, Oasis, Haws and more.  We also offer bottle filling stations, indoor drinking fountains, outdoor drinking fountains, commercial sinks, and faucets just to name a few of our plumbing supplies.  We offer super low pricing along with 100% free shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  Shopping for a drinking fountain can be difficult.  That’s why we designed our shopping experience to move our shoppers quickly to the exact product or style of drinking fountain being searched.

ProFloorMachines and MRDIndustrial are functional but still in the early development stages.  We have many more domains (more than 150) waiting to be developed into pleasurable shopping experiences.  Look for more Category Five Technologies, INC stores soon.

You can trust that our team of customer care professionals will always handle you with a high level of importance.  We hope to earn your trust for life, not just for one sale.

ProDryers Helps Lift Category Five Technologies to INC 5000 List for 2014

INC 5000

It’s public info today, we made the Inc. 5000 as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies.  Top 12 in Michigan.  Top 10 in Detroit Area.  Buy all your hand dryers, commercial restroom accessories, drinking fountains, commercial sinks and more from one of the most trusted companies in the United States!

View the INC 5000 List:

Hand Dryers

It all started with ProDryers and then sites like ProDrinkingFountains, ProFloorMachines, and more.  MRDIndustrial is in development and will be launched very soon allowing Category Five Technologies, INC. to expand far beyond the current niche market shopping experiences and focus on a broader approach to industrial and commercial supply.  We’ll always be hand dryer experts but we’re hungry for more as a company!

We’d like to thank companies like American Dryer, Excel Dryer, Dyson, World, Bobrick, ASI, Palmer Fixture, Bradley, Elkay, Oasis, Haws, Sunroc, Global Water, Mitsubishi, Zurn, Koala, Saniflow, Falcon, Hydrotek, CARR, Clarke, Betco, Sandia, Mercury and so much more to come such as SLOAN.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to grow with all of you.

Call 888-503-7937 now or visit one of our online sites to shop hand dryers, drinking fountains, commercial sinks & plumbing products, floor machines, over 2500 restroom accessories, and more.  Buy from the trusted supplier and get elite customer care, always.

Learn more about Category Five Technologies, INC. and how we started…

Businesses Saving Money with Category Five Technologies

ProDryers, the most popular division of Category Five Technologies is just one of the outlets for any business to cut costs and increase savings.  Along with our other divisions: ProRestrooms, ProDrinkingFountains, ProFloorMachines, and HandDryer Distributor we supply energy efficient hand dryers, drinking fountains, floor machines, water coolers, and over 2,500 restroom accessories!  In any business, it is imperative to find ways to cut operating costs, through Category Five Technologies businesses can make this happen and even likely reduce their impact on the environment.  By using hand dryers like the Xlerator, ExtremeAir, or Dyson Airblade, companies can save up to 95% when compared to paper towels.  Many of the top selling dryers operate at under $.50 per 1,000 uses which is a huge savings versus paper towel!  To calculate your savings, for example with an Xlerator follow this link (  Not to mention, hand dryers don’t create the mess like paper towel or have a harmful effect on the environment.  Beyond hand dryers we supply items like automatic flush valves that can conserve water further reducing expenses.  HydroTek, one of the most reliable valves on the market is available in AC powered, battery powered, and solar powered.  These valves are efficient and promote cleanliness with hands free use.  Another great way to save money in the office setting is to provide employees with clean cold water by the use of a water cooler.  Forget the need to purchase water bottles and stock up the break room refrigerator, water coolers like the Global Water G3RO Hot/Cold water cooler easily pay for themselves and are much more convenient and cost efficient.  To go beyond this installing a drinking fountain will provide clean refreshing water and reduce the amount of cups or bottles being used.  With less trash, the garbage removal costs will also decrease.  Whether looking to reduce expenses, upgrade restroom products, or both look no further, ProDryers among our other divisions have you covered.  We have an excellent customer service team and the best pricing making us the right supplier for you!  Contact us at 888-503-7937 for further information about hand dryers or any other of our nearly 10,000 products! 

Myths About Hand Dryers Part Two:

This blog was written by a 3rd party source to give our readers a different point of view.

Good to see everyone back for part two. Lets dive right into Myth Number Three: “Hand Dryers are More Expensive than Paper Towels.” In the article “Blowing Hot Air? Five Myths About Hand Dryers Debunked” by president of Excel Dryer Inc. Denis Gagnon he points out “Hand dryers are a one time purchase; once installed they require considerably less attention than paper towel dispensers. Unlike paper, which can cost $15-$30 or more per case, the energy costs of using a hand dryer amount to pennies per day.” It seems logical that a company trying to save money would install a hand dryer. Even though dryers may require larger upfront cost- money is saved in the long run when the company no longer has to purchase paper towel. This generates a positive ripple effect as staff can then spend less time cleaning up and refilling the paper towels.

Myth Number Four: “Paper Towels are Better for the Environment Than Hand Dryers.” The theory behind this myth comes from hand dryers using electricity as opposed to paper towel, which seemingly uses none.  I feel this is an easily debunked myth. In the bathroom you can’t see how much energy went into making the paper towel. However, behind the scenes many resources were used to get the paper to that point. “Although paper towels do not consume electricity in their use, they consume a great deal of energy to be fabricated in the first place…there are also the well-documented environmental costs of paper fabrication; deforestation, pollution and contaminated sediments in nearby sources of water, air pollution from pulp and paper mills, and solid waste production.” The amount of electricity used by a hand dryer that only runs when needed does not outweigh the environmental costs of paper towel. 

 The final myth is Myth Number Five: “Hand Dryers are Difficult to Install and Maintain.” This could be a subjective myth as every installer is different as is every model. However, “Many modern models are instead surface-mounted and can be installed at various designated heights quite easily. Quality dryer models do not require much mechanical attention or repair to work properly.” Meaning one doesn’t have to cut a large hole in the wall and hire a hand dryer maintenence department to watch over them. “As long as you choose a vendor with good customer service, installing and maintaining dryers should not present much of a problem.” It’s always good to keep in mind that as time passes and technology improves popular myths need to be reexamined.

Learn more about hand dryers vs paper towels now!  ProDryers is a master distributor for all top quality hand dryer brands such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator, the Dyson Airblade, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, World Dryer, and more.  Get all hand dryers at the best prices with free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US and shop over 2500 restroom accessoriesProDryers is the restroom giant you can trust!

Commercial Restroom Design and Why it Matters

Commercial restroom design is much more important than most business owners realize.  The restroom is a direct reflection of the quality of the business itself.  Customers and clientele will appreciate a clean, hygienic, well-designed restroom.  Some customers won’t think much of it.  However, if the restroom is not designed well or worse yet, if the restroom is unhygienic, it can present a negative impact resulting in the loss of repeat business.  Even the “best food in town” type restaurants can lose repeat business and positive word of mouth when the restrooms are less than tolerable.  All restrooms should be designed with a clean, sanitary and convenient theme.  A business owner should consider the audience, and then consider every possible scenario that can occur in a restroom and build in solutions to each.  For example, all restaurants should have a baby changing station in the restroom.  A unit such as the Koala KB200 is just 189.78.  The price of the changing station is well worth the cost compared with providing comfort and convenience to a mother looking to change her baby’s diaper.  In addition to designing for functionality, convenience, and hygiene, the audience is very important.  For example, the pure basics of sex; men and women display very different behavior in a restroom.

Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers and More at the Best Prices!

We all know women go to the bathroom in groups.  From night clubs to bar and grills, the ladies room is an important place of conversation.  The USA made American Dryer Extreme Air hand dryer and all other current American Dryer hand dryers are designed smaller than most other hand dryers.  In fact the American Dryer hand dryers like the GXT9, EXT7, advantage and GX series are all 43% smaller than most other hand dryers.  Smaller hand dryers in the restroom leave more room for nice décor and mirrors, plus, the smaller hand dryer is perfect for female hands.  The most important feature of the Extreme Air is the ability to adjust the motor down which brings the sound to a lower decibel level.  At the lowest setting (which is about what the American Dryer Advantage operates at), a decibel level of 69 and about a 25 second dry time can be achieved.  This allows for women to have the natural conversations without the need to shout.  Other hand dryers are often too powerful for conversation to take place and results to shouting and frustration.  The women’s’ restroom could benefit from a tampon dispenser, especially in night clubs, theme parks, hotels, venues, or anywhere that this convenience may be needed.  All ladies bathrooms should be designed to fit the needs of every female.

Men are a whole different animal!  Not many men want to have a conversation in the restroom.  In fact, many men don’t even wash their hands after using a public restroom.  Sad but true!  One product that could attract men to use is the new Dyson Airblade Tap.   This new, innovative technology is an automatic faucet and hand dryer in one so hands can be washed and dried right from the sink.  Most men love technology so Dyson Airblade hand dryers are often a great solution.  Hand dryers such as the Xlerator hand dryer are super tough, durable, reliable, and most important, powerful!  The Xlerator hand dryer will dry even the largest hands in 10-15 second with is powerful 300 MPH blast of air.  It’s also 100% manufactured in the United States and qualifies for the Buy American Act.  Noise in a men’s restroom is perfectly acceptable (in most cases) and most men will love the fast dry time.

In settings such as night clubs, vandalism of mirrors may be a concern.  Consider the new “Perfect Reflection” by shale-Inland.  This new mirror is anti-graffiti mirror with a 2 or optional 4 layer design.  A protective film is simply peeled off when the mirror is vandalized.  A 4 layer mirror would be like buying 5 mirrors.   The cost savings achieved is undeniable.  Tough, durable hand dryers like the Xlerator should be used.  Paper towel should be eliminated completely in this case to remove the threat of stuffed toilets by vandals.  Powerful automatic flush valves should be used with a thin style toilet paper.  Even if vandals stuff the toilets, as soon as they walk away, the automatic valve will flush the thin paper down the toilet.

As you can see, upfront design of a restroom is just as important as the design of the rest of the business.  Every angle and scenario should be thought of before issues arise.  The design should allow for flexibility so high costs are not required to maintain the restrooms.  Design it right and the business will benefit significantly.

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The ProDryers Hand Dryer Blog is Moving

ProDryers Hand Dryers

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We are in the process of moving all of our blogs over to this location as our other blog host has had some technical issues.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  If you are in search of hand dryer articles please see our hand dryer news section at ProDryers.  We are one of the top 3 hand dryer distributors in the entire United States.  Get the absolute best prices possible on all top, major brands such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the Dyson Airblade, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, all World Dryer models, Palmer Fixture’s BluStorm, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel, and even hard to find models by Bobrick, ASI, Saniflow, and more.  Call ProDryers at 888-50-DRYER now and we’ll educate you on hand dryers like no other company can!  We will offer the best solution for your specific needs and take the time to make sure we understand the type of business, the restroom audience, the amount of traffic, concerns for noise, ADA compliance requirements, and anything that may play an important role in the deciding factors of which hand dryer may best fit your restroom.  View our online reviews and see why so many choose ProDryers!