Machflow Hand Dryer: it’s Stylish, High-Speed, Powerful, and Extremely Energy Efficient

We talk a lot about hand dryers here at the hand dryer guru blog by ProDryers because that’s what we do; we specialize in all major brands of hand dryers. We know hand dryers like nobody’s business and will always provide pure expertise in consulting with businesses on which hand dryers are the best choices for each specific restroom and facility.

Saniflow Machflow High-Speed Hand DryerOne hand dryer we have neglected to mention over the years is the Saniflow Machflow. Not because it’s not an outstanding product, but because it slips under the radar as the manufacturer is actually out of Spain with a U.S. presence in Miami, Florida. Everything is normally in stock and ready to ship fast and free. Saniflow has been a highly trusted manufacturer of hand dryers for ProDryers for many years. We have had an outstanding success rate with our customers with a long standing track record of high quality units. We support Saniflow as a trusted brand.

Saniflow offers a very unique line of hand dryers that stand out from the standard designs. Saniflow was the first to bring an ADA surface mounted slim designed, high speed dryer to the U.S. market with the Speedflow. And the Machflow was not far behind offering a high speed, no heat, energy efficient approach to drying hands in the public bathroom. On the lowest speed, it consumes about 420 watts with a universal voltage of 110-240 volts. It moves air at about 202 MPH and dries hands in about 10 seconds using a fraction of the electrical that most hand dryers use. Penn State has been one of our biggest buyers of the Machflow. They have been buying them for years from ProDryers and in bulk quantities. This is pure proof that the university is seeing a good return on saving costs in paper towels, maintenance associated with paper towels, and energy consumption. The unique design of the Machflow hand dryer offers a different look in the restroom; it’s stylish and modern.

We prefer not to make a direct comparison with the Machflow hand dryer vs. our other top sellers such as the Xlerator. They are just totally different products and that’s basically why we started ProDryers in the first place; to offer our customers a full range of choices for the public restroom with unbiased recommendations.

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Saniflow Introduces The Super Fast Machflow Electric Hand Dryer

Machflow hand dryer

Saniflow has introduced the all new Machflow hand dryer as the newest hand dryer to hit the market.  The Machflow moves air at speeds up to 203 MPH, blasting hands dry in 10 seconds.  This unique hand dryer uses no heating element and offers an adjustable motor allowing customization for facilities that require a quiet, yet effective hand dryer.  The Machflow comes in white epoxy, bright stainless steel, and satin stainless steel covers.  The design offers an elegant look and feel for the finest of restrooms.  The Machflow is a great fit for high traffic restrooms such as stadiums, venues, rest areas, zoos, fitness centers, gyms, health clubs, hotels, public schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, car dealerships, casinos, airports, state parks, city parks, public swimming pools, camp grounds, and more.

The Saniflow Machflow hand dryer is also a good choice for schools and daycare centers where small children are present.  Small children are often intimidated by loud noise, and hot air.  With the Machflow, the motor can be adjusted to allow a softer hand drying experience, plus the air blown onto the hands is cool air.

The Saniflow Machflow hand dryer completes Saniflow’s full high speed product line.  By offering 3 unique high speed hand dryers, the ADA compliant Speedflow, ADA compliant Dualflow, and Machflow, give Saniflow a complete product offering to fit every facilities fast hand drying requirements.

The Machflow is also one of the quietest high speed hand dryers on the market.  Saniflow claims the decibel range is 68-75.  The Machflow also offers a unique design to reduce vibrations and increase motor life.  It’s backed by a manufacturer’s 10 year limited parts warranty.  The Machflow offers universal voltage of 110-240 and will auto configure itself to run on whatever voltage is detected, making installation less complicated and less expensive while it reduces the risk of human error.

There are other hand dryers that operate similarly to the Machflow.  One outstanding USA made hand dryer to consider is the ExtremeAir EXT hand dryer.  The EXT7 (Extreme Air EXT) also offers an adjustable motor with no heating element.  Both of these hand dryers are very comparable, and either one is actually a solid choice where and adjustable motor and heat-less drying experience is desired.  The ExtremeAir GXT9 and EXT7 series hand dryers also offer universal voltage that will detect which voltage should be utilized.

Why choose a heat-less, cool air hand dryer?  Besides the reason where small children may prefer the no heat hand dryers, heat-less hand dryers also save more energy than hand dryers with the heating element.  The Machflow hand dryer can use as little as 420 watts at the lowest setting whereas the Extreme Air EXT series hand dryers use about 540 watts (Hardly a noticeable difference).  However, the heating element along with the fastest dry times usually results in about 1500 watts for most high speed, warm air hand dryers.  The Machflow uses 1150 watts at the highest setting due to the lack of heat.  To get an idea of what this means, American Dryer has made it simple with the Extreme Air.  They have two versions.  1.  The EXT (no heat), and 2. The GXT (with heat).  Basically, the EXT can cost as little as 18 cents to operate per 1,000 uses, and the GXT or heated version can cost around 42 cents per 1,000 uses.  Using this measurement, we can get a feel for what other high speed electric hand dryers may cost to operate, and you’ll find they are all very effective at saving electricity.