What’s Happening in the Hand Dryer World?

As if we didn’t have enough hand dryers on the market, new ones keep popping up as manufacturers continuously try to trump each other.  One thing is for sure, there are only a handful of manufacturers you should trust with drying hands, and ProDryers has partnered with only the best!  There’s no question that Dyson has shaken up the hand dryer industry like never before and fueled the fire for leading innovation with hand drying technology.  As of date, we have the super cool Dyson Airblade Tap where hands are washed and dried right at the sink.  We have the Dyson Airblade V and then the traditional hands-in style Airblade that started it all.  See all of our Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers at ProDryers.  American Dryer recently came out with the innovative CPC Cold Plasma Clean ExtremeAir which uses Cold Plasma to kill germs without the need of a filter.  But what is next?  What could possibly top cold plasma (which by the way is warm, not cold)?

World Dryer is close to releasing a hand dryer which they believe will be a total game changer for them.  There was a time when World Dryer ruled the world.  Will that day come again?  Details soon to come as we can’t spill what we really don’t know and understand 100% yet.  But we hear it’s some pretty cool stuff.

Palmer Fixture has a new storm dryer soon to be released with some improvements and new capabilities.  We had the chance to see a prototype when Palmer visited us recently.

Excel Dryer is also close to releasing some new cool technology for the restrooms.  We have heard a lot about the changes and can’t wait to be part of this hand dryer evolution.  Can the Xlerator Hand Dryer be even better?

As if killing germs with cold plasma and using dryers that move air at speeds of 420 MPH isn’t enough, we will soon be witnessing yet another generation of hand drying technology.  Stay tuned to ProDryers in the weeks to come…

Red Xlerator Hand Dryer, model XL-SP Red by Excel Dryer at ProDryers

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Schools Dealing With Sick Children Should Consider the New American Dryer ExtremeAir CPC Hand Dryer.

School has begun and winter is right around the corner and for the next nine months our beloved children will bring every virus, germ, bacteria and flu bug into our homes.  Children happen to be our most precious resource on earth, but let’s face it, they are also the most germy.   They congregate in a petri dish called school.  Every day sick kids go to school and give every other child in the school the opportunity to share in the experience.  Wouldn’t it be great to kill all those germs in that petri dish before they have attached to our children and come home?  Sound like science fiction?  ProDryers says maybe not.

The average child in America has a cold 6 to 10 times a year and colds are the cause of most visits to a doctor for school age children.  Worst of all, there is no cure for the common cold.  It is spread through droplets of coughs and sneezes that lay on the table, pencil or light switch that our children touch every day.  Once touched, that tiny droplet full of germs enters the body by touching eyes, nose or mouth.  With people touching their faces an average of 5500 times a day, the odds of catching a cold are astronomical.

More than two-thirds (32 million) of school-aged children (aged 5–17 years) in the United States missed school in 2011 due to illness or injury.   There were  52.2 million cases of the common cold which resulted in nearly 22 million lost school days.  “Children gathering in schools is one of the main ways germs circulate in communities,” says Athena P. Kourtis, MD, PhD, MPH, a pediatrician and author of Keeping Your Child Healthy in a Germ-Filled World.(1)

Germs are found everywhere in school.  Some germs can live up to two hours on tables or door knobs.  A 2005 study of germs in schools found school water fountain spigots and plastic cafeteria trays had the most germs than any other area in school. The spigot had 2,700,000 bacteria and the cafeteria tray 33,800 bacteria per square inch.  Yet, there were only 3,200 bacteria per square inch on the restroom toilet seat.   The theory is toilet seats get cleaned regularly, while trays and water fountains do not.

Following some simple rules will help reduce the spread of germs in schools.  Frequent hand washing is a must.   The proper way to wash hands is to use soap, rubbing up to the wrist, between the fingers and under the nails preferably using a nail brush for at least 20 seconds.   That is roughly the time it takes to hum the happy birthday song two times.   Hands should be washed before eating, after using the restroom, blowing noses or playing outside.  There was a study in Detroit schools which showed that scheduled hand washing, at least four times a day, can reduce gastrointestinal illness by more than 50%.

Pathogens like E.Coli (Escherichia coli), C. diff (clostridium difficile), Staph (Staphylococcus aureus bacteria), MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and TB (Tuberculosis) are all prevelent in schools.  These pathogens can cause mild to extreme illness.  Some kinds of E. coli can cause diarrhea, while others cause urinary tract infections, respiratory illness, or pneumonia to name a few.  C. diff is one of the most common cause of infectious diarrhea in the US and can range from mild to life-threatening.

Lethal staph infections used to occur in people who were hospitalized or had a chronic illness or weakened immune system.   Now healthy people are developing life-threatening staph infections and many staph infections (MRSA) no longer respond to common antibiotics.  Healthy people can get these infections by skin-to-skin contact such as high school wrestlers or small children holding hands or hugging.  According to the CDC, approximately 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch.  They estimate up to 49,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year.  They recommend the best protection from this type of illness is frequent hand washing.  (2)

TB is a disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but TB bacteria can attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine, and brain.   If not treated properly, TB disease can be fatal.

Children’s immune systems are less mature than those of adults, so they are more susceptible to germs.  They also are in close contact with each other and younger children have germy habits, such as sticking fingers and objects in their mouths.  These pathogens are in our schools and come home with our children.

American Dryer has developed the new eXtremeAir cPc (Cold Plasma Clean) hand dryer which will change the way we think about germs.   This revolutionary hand dryer actually kills germs.   Just think of how well this hand dryer will work in our schools, especially the lower grades.  We can teach children over and over how to wash hands, but will the kids actually do it correctly?  The eXtremeAir cPc will make it a moot point.  Wetting the hands and putting them under the dryer will kill the germs on the hands and the immediate surrounding air.  Pathogens like E.Coli, C. diff, Staph, MRSA, and TB all die when put under the eXtremeAir cPc hand dryer.

American Dryer 002 cold_plasma Logo Medium RGB

American Dryer has been making hand dryers for over 55 years and has an excellent reputation for the best in hand dryers.  The eXtremeAir cPc is just an extension of the already popular eXtremeAir.  It has many features like fast dry time, smaller size, smart multi voltage capability and an adjustable motor.  It is now the only dryer to kill germs.

If every child washed their hands and used the eXtremeAir cPc to dry them, germs would be kept to a minimum in schools and our homes.  Just putting hands under the dryer will kill germs and odors without actually washing them!  They would not be visually clean, but they would be germ free.  That is a major step in the right direction.

Anthony Dicicco, CEO of ProDryers, says “As a father of grade school kids, I’d like to see the eXtremeAir cPc in the school my kids go to.  We didn’t have many colds in our house until my oldest started school.  Now, after the cold goes through the entire family and we’re finally over it, a new one comes along.”

ProDryers is a master distributor of all hand dryers including top brands such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator, Dyson Airblade, American Dryer ExtremeAir, World Dryer, and much more.



Myths About Hand Dryers Part Two:

This blog was written by a 3rd party source to give our readers a different point of view.

Good to see everyone back for part two. Lets dive right into Myth Number Three: “Hand Dryers are More Expensive than Paper Towels.” In the article “Blowing Hot Air? Five Myths About Hand Dryers Debunked” by president of Excel Dryer Inc. Denis Gagnon he points out “Hand dryers are a one time purchase; once installed they require considerably less attention than paper towel dispensers. Unlike paper, which can cost $15-$30 or more per case, the energy costs of using a hand dryer amount to pennies per day.” It seems logical that a company trying to save money would install a hand dryer. Even though dryers may require larger upfront cost- money is saved in the long run when the company no longer has to purchase paper towel. This generates a positive ripple effect as staff can then spend less time cleaning up and refilling the paper towels.

Myth Number Four: “Paper Towels are Better for the Environment Than Hand Dryers.” The theory behind this myth comes from hand dryers using electricity as opposed to paper towel, which seemingly uses none.  I feel this is an easily debunked myth. In the bathroom you can’t see how much energy went into making the paper towel. However, behind the scenes many resources were used to get the paper to that point. “Although paper towels do not consume electricity in their use, they consume a great deal of energy to be fabricated in the first place…there are also the well-documented environmental costs of paper fabrication; deforestation, pollution and contaminated sediments in nearby sources of water, air pollution from pulp and paper mills, and solid waste production.” The amount of electricity used by a hand dryer that only runs when needed does not outweigh the environmental costs of paper towel. 

 The final myth is Myth Number Five: “Hand Dryers are Difficult to Install and Maintain.” This could be a subjective myth as every installer is different as is every model. However, “Many modern models are instead surface-mounted and can be installed at various designated heights quite easily. Quality dryer models do not require much mechanical attention or repair to work properly.” Meaning one doesn’t have to cut a large hole in the wall and hire a hand dryer maintenence department to watch over them. “As long as you choose a vendor with good customer service, installing and maintaining dryers should not present much of a problem.” It’s always good to keep in mind that as time passes and technology improves popular myths need to be reexamined.

Learn more about hand dryers vs paper towels now!  ProDryers is a master distributor for all top quality hand dryer brands such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator, the Dyson Airblade, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, World Dryer, and more.  Get all hand dryers at the best prices with free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US and shop over 2500 restroom accessoriesProDryers is the restroom giant you can trust!

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Funny Hand Dryer Videos

Funny Hand Dryer Videos

We’ve decided to put together a list of all the funniest hand dryer videos we can find.  All across the world, people have recorded some fairly funny videos with hand dryers.  Some are creative while others not so much.  You’ll find people dancing with hand dryers, people singing with hand dryers, playing music on them, letting air blow into their mouths, people drying babies butts, people drying dogs with them, drying sweaty armpits, and even doing pranks with hand dryers.  Consider some of the funny videos below:

Hand Dryer Powder Prank

Hand Dryer Blows Women’s’ Dress Up

Girl Playing Music with Xlerator Hand Dryers

Goofs Trying to Sit on Hand Dryers

Tiny Female Flies Out of Xlerator Hand Dryer (Watch Very Closely!)

The Hand Dryer Dance

The Kids That Loved the Hand Dryer

Kids that Love the Xlerator Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer Dries Baby’s Butt, Dog, Sweaty Armpits and More

Girl Eating Bowl of Noodles in Hand Dryer Commercial

Funny Hand Dryer Cartoon

Girl Gets Shirt Blown off by Hand Dryer

We hope you enjoyed some of the random funny videos we have found around the world.  Visit ProDryers for the best price on all hand dryers.  ProDryers is a master distributor of all major brands including the Xlerator Hand Dryer, ExtremeAir Hand Dryer, Dyson Airblade, BluStorm Hand Dryer, World Dryer, and much more.  We offer free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US along with the absolute best prices anywhere.

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Daily Cleaning Tips for the Dyson Airblade

The cleaning of the Dyson Airblade is a quick process that will help ensure you are obtaining the best use of your hand dryer. It will also help prolong the life of your machine. Cleaning your Dyson Airblade should be added to the list of daily restroom maintenance items. To clean you will want to use a soft cloth and a cleaner that is non-abrasive. Majority of professional cleaners can be safely used on the Airblade. Products to avoid include: alcohol-acid mixes, alcohol, solvent and oil based, bleach mixes, or foaming ingredients. If you are unsure if the cleaning product you are using is safe then test on an indistinct area first. Clean the Airblade with this soft cloth and cleaner, paying special attention to the air slots and any of the areas that have seams. You will also want to clean the bottom of the dryer where the air inlet is, this will help you get the most efficiency out of the HEPA filter that comes pre-installed. Lastly you want to clean the floor around and beneath the machine to eliminate even more bacteria. These steps will help your Dyson Airblade perform at the maximum level while adding to its lifetime.

ProDryers is a master distributor of all major brand hand dryers, including the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, World Dryer, and much more.

This is a link showing step by step instructions:


Dyson Airblade

Dyson Airblade Best Price at ProDryers

Environment Trivia

At ProDryers we truly care about the environment and like to do our part in helping create a greener planet.  Many of our hand dryers are GreenSpec listed proving they are helpful to the environment.  A large amount of the products we carry will reduce carbon footprint and also save our trees.  In a fun fashion but with some eye-opening facts we are going to see how much you (the consumer) know about our environment with a little bit of trivia. Good luck!

Q. True or False: Oxygen is the most prevalent gas in our atmosphere.

A. False. The atmosphere is composed of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and the rest is made up of gases like argon, carbon dioxide, helium, and others.

Q. True or False: The United States alone uses 25% of the world’s natural resources.

A. True and the U.S. only make up about 5% of the world’s population.

Q. Earth Day is on which date?

1. September 17th

2. April 22nd

3. April 30th

4. July 4th

Answer: April 22nd, which is also the first full day of spring.

Q. True or False: The human population has grown more in the last 50 years than it has in the previous 4 million years.

A. True.

Q. True or False: 100 tons of paper towel are used in the U.S. every day.

A. False, actually nearly 3,000 tons of paper towel are used daily!

Q. How many trees does it take to make 1 ton of paper towels?

1. 11

2. 3

3. 31

4. 17

Answer: 17

Q. True or False: Earth is 45% land and 55% water.

A. False 70% of the Earth’s surface is water while 30% is land.

Q. Forests cover what percentage of the Earth’s land area.

1. 9%

2. 30%

3. 21%

4. 17%

Answer: 30%, or about 9% of the total Earth’s surface.

Q. True or False: The average American uses about 70 gallons of water a day.

A. True.

Q. The energy saved from one recycled aluminum can is enough to operate a TV for how long?

1. 10 minutes

2. 1 hour

3. 3 hours

4. 45 minutes

Answer:  3 hours.

We hope you have enjoyed this trivia, check back for more soon!

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